The charity is in honour of Tegla Loroupe who has used and has vowed to use her track and field achievements, skills, experiences, and friendships to promote peaceful co-existence and and social economic development of poor and marginalized pastoralists and agro-pastoralist men, women and children in Sub Saharan Africa.

Tegla was inspired to establish the foundation after attending a charity race in Indonesia to promote peace immediately after the Bali bombing of 2002.

The outpouring of grief exuded by the various people who attended the charity race, including the then President of Indonesia, Megawati Sukarnopurti, greatly touched her. She realized that sports could unite people much more than any other activity.

Tegla has also been supporting and participating in an annual race to promote the rights of women in Morocco. In May 2003 the race attracted over 10,000 women, filling the streets of Casablanca. Unfortunately, the hotel they were boarding in was bombed, just after they had checked out. This was a clear indication that the attackers had been patrolling the streets during the race, but could not attack them. This inferred to Tegla that sports is indeed a unifying factor that can be advanced to bring peace in the world.

The foundation intends to support and further initiatives that promote peace building, conflict resolution and poverty reduction and to carry out activities that enhance livelihoods and resilience of poor people affected by and vulnerable to conflicts and civil strife in the world.

The charity envisions a peaceful, prosperous and just world in which sports is a unifying and livelihood factor.