Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy comprises of a boarding primary school with plans to set up a secondary school, sports stadium, athletics training camp, health centre and staff quarters.
The Academy offers education to children of the greater horn of Africa who are displaced and / or orphaned as a result of conflict and HIV Aids, and who would be subjected to harmful cultural practises like FGM and early marriages.
The aim of the insitution is to act as a Peace building institution and nurture tolerant leaders of tommorrow.


Northern Kenya,Eastern Uganda and several regions in the Horn of Africa are characterised by long drought periods and underdevelopment.The Pokot, Turkana and Karamojong tribes who occupy these regions are pastoralists who often clash over pastureland, waterpoints and raid each other of their livestock.
Often, women and children are killed or displaced. Government services are hardly accessible in these regions. Education facilities are scarce and far apart.Young boys are left to herd while some fight for organised bandit groups.Girls are often married young.
Hunger is often a routine crisis.


For Tegla Loroupe, having lost her family's cattle to cattle rustlers and losing relatives to the unending conflict, it was a trigger that set her in dreaming of finding a safe and comfortable place for children from these conflicting tribes to get education, just like other kids in other peaceful parts of the country.
This is how Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy came to be. Now feeding, educating and moulding leaders in over 400 kids from Kenya's remote


The Academy creates a safe environment for children from diverse tribes to learn and develop as equals, providing education, child protection and tolerance.
Our pupils are fed with nutritious food, including milk from our small dairy farm, vegetables and porridge.
There are currently 800 pupils at the Academy and the goal is to raise enough funds to be able to increase that to 1000 students.
Many of these children are gifted athletes from local regions and many are displaced or orphaned as a result of conflict. Some are vulnerable to forced marriages from very early ages.