The Tegla Loroupe Peace Races

The Tegla Loroupe Peace Races are a series of medium distances races organized in the course of each year by Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation.

The peace races are organized in regions and among communities who are always at war over limited resources of pasture and water. Most of these communities are found in Northern and Northwestern Kenya, Eastern Uganda, Southern Ethiopia, South Sudan among other parts of the Greater Horn of Africa Region. Some of the tribes in conflict are the Pokot, Turkana, Karamojong, Marakwet, Tugen, Sebei among others.

The peace races are intended to bring together members of the different communities, to put much of their energy in sport and create a forum for dialogue on peace, interactions and discussion on issues affecting the concerned peoples of the communities.

In the course of each year, the Foundation organizes races in Kapenguria, Karamojong, Tana River and other parts of Kenya and South Sudan.