Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation Programmes

The aim of the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation is to establish lasting peace among pastoralist communities in the Greater Horn of Africa.

Initially using sport to bring people together, the Foundation realized along the path to peace that it needed to do more than just the successful peace races.

Tegla Loroupe addresses members of warring communities in Arabal, Baringo
Tegla Loroupe addresses members of warring communities in Arabal, Baringo


• Peace Races

The Tegla Loroupe Peace Races have been organized since 2003. The inaugural race attracted more than 10,000 participants most of whom were warriors, community-based socio-development groups pastoralist women, men and children from different regions in the north-western Kenya and the Greater Horn of Africa Region.


The initial race was held at Kapenguria, a town in North Western Kenya about 700km from the capital city, Nairobi. Since then, Tegla Loroupe Peace races have been organized each year in different parts of Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda.

These races often comprise 10km road race, 5km men and women and childrens’ race.

During these races, communities forget their differences and join in the activities of the race. Fashion and beauty shows take place in the evening of the races.

• Peace Forums

Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation regularly organizes peace forums between and among warring communities in the Greater Horn of Africa.

These forums have proven effective in promoting peace and peaceful resolution of conflicts in the region.

The foundation has a team of reformed warriors and staff on the grassroot who have been on the forefront in organizing forums between communities susceptible to strife and fighting.

The foundation also works with other community based organizations to enable communities engage in.

• Consultative Security Forum

Consultative security forums have always been the backbone in TLPF’s efforts to promote and establish peace among communities in the Greater Horn of Africa Region.

The foundation has been able to establish peace mainly due to its peace and consultative security forums that usually involve local administration, government security apparatus, the foundation’s peace staff and local communities.

These forums have often averted lurking inter-tribal wars and led to early detection of signs of strife.

TLPF has held numerous consultative security forums in different pastoralist areas since its beginning.

Most notable of them all are the Kapedo peace and consultative forum, bringing Turkana and Pokot tribes together to find consensus and share water and pastureland. The tribal rivalry in Kapedo had resulted in numerous deaths and displacement of people and even government security.

• Humanitarian Aid
Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation responds to humanitarian crises and often basic needs to people displaced by war or natural disasters.

During the massacre in Tana River, where two tribes slaughtered one another over land and water resources, TLPF and its staff mobilized resources to take to people who had been left homeless after their houses were burned down.

TLPF has donated beddings, food and educational support materials to schools in these regions and in other pastoralist areas affected by war.

The Tegla Loroupe Peace and Education Center
The Tegla Loroupe Peace and Education Center


Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation established The Tegla peace Academy in 2012. The academy comprises of a boarding and day primary school and admits children from Turkana, Pokot, Karamojong, among other pastoralist tribes in North and North Western Kenya. The School has tremendously changed the lives of many kids with many pastoralist children getting a chance to join Secondary schools via the academy.

TLPF appeals for sponsors and well wishers to support these children in getting primary education and making a transition to secondary school and thereafter to universities and colleges so that they may go back to their communities and be advocates of peace and economic empowerment.

• Girl Child Support

TLPF mentors, educates and finds ways to support girls subjected to harmful cultural practices such as FGM, early marriages and violence.

The foundation as always campaigned against the vice of FGM and early marriages that deny girls a chance to continue with their education and be productive people in their communities.

• Sponsorships
<>Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation has sponsored several children through secondary and university education. Several of them have now copmpleted high school and university while others are still undertaking their studies.

With the establishment of the Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy, TLPF has directly and indirectly sponsored over 200 pupils through primary school. Some of these children have graduated and are now in secondary school under the sponsorship of the foundation.

• Polytechnic Initiative
The vision of TLPF to establish a polytechnic began in earnest with establishment of the Tegla Loroupe Peace and Education Center. Right now, the center trains women, young men and reformed tribal warriors in alternative livelihood skills such as tailoring, carpentry and masonry.

Administrative structures and registration with the relevant government department is on its final stages.

• Exchange Visits

TLPF organizes visits among warring tribes to friends and families of reformed warriors. Discussions on cementing peace in the region, children’s education and the state of peace among the communities are held during these meetings.

• Promotion Of Cultural Peace Initiatives
Once in a year, pastoralist communities from northern and northwestern Kenya converge for a cultural exchange event organized by the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation.
The event is focused on creating interactions, friendships and promotion of npeace.

Communities present tribal dances, songs, narrations and

• Community Free Play Radio Distribution
Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation believes in the power of communication in establishing peace. It is the reason TLPF initially started the community free play radio distribution programme. This will enable interior marginalized and pastoralist people listen to peace-preaching radio programmes aired by local stations and national radio stations, which would go a long way in creating awareness on benefits of a peaceful region and co-existence.

The foundation has so far planted over 100000 trees in numerous schools within the cattle rustling prone region of Northern Kenya
The foundation has so far planted over 100000 trees in numerous schools within the cattle rustling prone region of Northern Kenya



The foundation has often supported tree planting activities among communities and schools in arid and semi-arid areas.

Water conservation and rainwater harvesting will enable communities to water their livestock and minimize migration to other areas­ – the usual cause of tribal conflicts.