Tana River Peace Race

The Fourth Tegla Loroupe Peace Run was held on 24th September 2005 in Garsen Town.It was The Inaugural Tana River Peace Race.

The Tana river peace race is the first TLPR to be held in Kenya after Kapenguria.It is the second peace race held that year after the Moroto Peace Race held in April.The race attracted over 2,500 people from Tana River who included participants,leaders and fans.

The goal of the race was to solidify the peace gains in Tana River District,which previously experienced conflict pitting Orma against the Pokomo.The race brought together all the communities in the district,leaders,development and peace building agencies,Government of Kenya representatives,Religious leaders as well as members from Pokot and Turkana in Kenya.

Tana River district is occupied by two dominant groups the Orma(pastrolists) and Pokomo(farmers) with other smaller groups such as Wardey,Giriama and Malakote etc.The two dominant groups engaged in violent conflict over water,pasture and land resources.With this conflict,many organizations both grassroot level and those from outside emerged to provide some solutions to the conflict problem.One of the notable development from this conflict  and conflict resolution is the peace committee which has come to be credited  for the current stability in Tana River.

The race attracted a number of people ;Dignitaries such as Hon.Peter Lokeris,the Minister for Karamoja Affairs (Uganda) Hon.Samuel Moroto,the MP for Kapenguria (Kenya) were among the high-ranking leaders who graced the race.Others were representatives of partner organizations involved in the Tana River Peace Race:Ahmed Christopher Davey and Dominic Ruto(ITDG-Practical Action),from Provincial Administration were Mr Asman Shauri (DC Tana River),Mr.Mwangi Kahiro(DO Garsen).

The peace race continued to be exceptional mobilization tool for bringing communities together and leaving them in peace and with a second thought for appreciating each other and peace.