Baringo is a region in Northern Kenya occupied by several communities majority of whom are the Tugen ethnic community. The Ilchaamus occupy the region around Lake Baringo while the Pokot are the northern part of the region. Baringo is a county administered from Kabarnet, the largest town.

Unsustainable economic activities, drought and cultural practices have often instigated conflicts among the ethnic communities in the region. The Pokot pastoralist lifestyle force them to migrate to regions occupied by the sedentary Tugen and Ilchaamus (Njemps).

Most recently, the conflict went a level high when Pokot warriors attacked and killed several peope in the village of Arabal, driving away several heads of cattle.

Following intervention by Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation and a team of reformed warriors, Pokot raiders returned more than 10 heads of cattle stolen when an Ilchamuus village was raided earlier this year.

Ambassador Tegla Loroupe accompanied by the reformed warriors and local administration traversed the vast arid area to meet the suspected bandits in their hideouts.
The team was able to negotiate the return of the cattle, with members of the two communities sitting together under a tree to listen to the message of peace from the reformed warriors.
The Foundation has been asking tribesmen from the region to voluntarily return their guns and embrace peace.
The national security grants amnesty to bandits, cattle rustlers and warlords who surrender their weapons through Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation. This is the only non-governmental and humanitarian organization with the privilege in Kenya.

Tegla Loroupe addresses members of warring communities in Arabal, Baringo
Tegla Loroupe addresses members of warring communities in Arabal, Baringo